PVCustomHomes.net Launched!

New project for pvcustomhomes.net has launched! PVCustomHomes.net is the website of Pioneer Valley Custom Homes, builders of custom homes in the Pioneer Valley in Massachusetts. They offer consulting on new projects, design and architectural work as well as building the project to completion! [Read More...]

DIY Solar Powered Remote Timelapse Camera with 4G LTE

My wife and I are in the process of building our house. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to timelapse the build. The idea of making a video of "5 months in 2 minutes" is really interesting to me. So I got myself an off-the-shelf construction timelapse camera. Tested it out, and the quality was disappointing. I suppose being a wedding photographer I demanded more from a photography project. So I did what any tech nerd photographer would do — I built my own timelapse rig! Except this time I one-upped it and added solar power on a timer, with a wireless AP and 4G LTE modem. [Read More...]

High Voltage Climbing Arc Prop (Jacobs Ladder)

One of my first Halloween props I made myself was my high voltage climbing arc prop, which is also known as a Jacob's Ladder. I love the sound the high voltage arc makes as it climbs its way to the top. Here's a quick write up on how I built mine! [Read More...]

How To Load Test Your Car Battery

Recently I've been plagued with a dead car battery. We found out that there was a high draw on the battery when the car was off. Normally car batteries are supposed to have less than 50mA (milliamps) draw on it when the car is off. My car had 350mA draw, which was killing it in a matter of a couple of days. [Read More...]