randomPost – A Random Post WordPress Plugin

I've released a new plugin, randomPost. The goal behind randomPost is to keep visitors on your website longer. By having the ability to view random posts, it keeps your visitors engaged and that means they stay on your site longer! Once you install the randomPost plugin, and select the random URL slug you want to use (for example http://obrienlabs.net/random — where /random is the URL slug), this URL will redirect your users to a random post of yours! [Read More...]

Ad Blocking Advisor – A WordPress Plugin

I have released a new WordPress plugin called Ad Blocking Advisor! If you run a website that has advertisements, your visitors could be using ad blocking software (e.g. AdBlock Plus, uBlock, etc.) that could be taking away your revenue! The purpose of this plugin is to detect if a visitor is using an ad blocker, and if so then put a small notification bar at the top of the site (or anywhere on the site you choose), that asks (or advises) the visitor the please whitelist your site. [Read More...]

Use AutoHotKey to toggle default playback sound device

If you're like me, then you have both speakers and headphones. Speakers are the primary of course, but when I want to block out the world, I use the headphones to zone in. I think it's a little too cumbersome to go into the `Sound applet > Playback Devices` to change my default sound device every time I want to switch. So with the combination of a few different sources, I've come up with a great way to quickly toggle your default sound device. [Read More...]