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October 30, 2015 by Pat - Comments - - 2 min read


Recently I was looking for a snippets plugin for this very site. There’s a bunch out there, but none of them had everything I was looking for. So I set out to write my own.

Introducing codeSnips.

Here’s some features of codeSnips:

  • Using Custom Post Types, you can quickly create a snippet post
  • Quickly create and embed code snippets on your site using a shortcode
  • Syntax highlighting for 126 programming languages
  • An archive list of all snippets using the Custom Post Type
  • Raw view of the snippet – ideal for copying without formatting
  • Can embed multiple snippets per post

Here’s an example of a code snippet run by codeSnips.

function hello_world() { 
	// This is just a simple Hello World function
	echo "Hello World!";

Here’s another snippet, showing you can have more than 1 snippet embedded with more than 1 programming language.

def helloWorld():
    return "Hello World"

def main():
	status_msg = helloWorld()

if __name__ == __main__:

If you’re looking for a code snippet syntax highlighting plugin for WordPress, I say check out codeSnips!


If you enjoy codeSnips, please consider a donation! Plugins take a lot of time, energy and coffee. Buying me a coffee would help maintain the plugin and continue making new plugins!

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