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November 10, 2015 by Pat - Comments - - 3 min read

Ad Blocking Advisor ScreenshotI have released a new WordPress plugin called Ad Blocking Advisor! If you run a website that has advertisements, your visitors could be using ad blocking software (e.g. AdBlock Plus, uBlock, etc.) that could be taking away your revenue!

The purpose of this plugin is to detect if a visitor is using an ad blocker, and if so then put a small notification bar at the top of the site (or anywhere on the site you choose), that asks (or advises) the visitor the please whitelist your site.

This notification banner only appears to visitors who are using ad blocking software, and the best part is that it’s not limited to just 1 advertisement service.

Update 12/20/2017: Version 2.0 of the plugin gets rid of the 1px transparent PNG and instead uses an external ads.js file. The ads.js file is a popular one blocked by ad blocking software. If that file is blocked, then ad blockers are in use and the banner will display.

Pretty simple!

Other features include:

  • Quickly change the text that’s displayed in the notification banner.
  • Easily change the location on your site that the banner is displayed.
  • Easily change the background color.
  • Easily change the font color.
  • Easily change the font size.
  • Allow or disallow setting a cookie.
  • When the visitor clicks the close (X) icon to close your banner, if cookies are allowed, then the banner will remain hidden until the cookie expires.
  • Option to remove the (X) icon so visitors cannot dismiss the banner.
  • Easily change the cookie expiration date.
  • Add your own custom CSS without fear of losing changes when the plugin updates.
  • Anti-caching in place with ads.js so that the banner will display more reliably.
  • Uninstalling the plugin will clean up all data it has stored in the WordPress database.

If you run a website with advertisements, check out the Ad Blocking Advisor plugin, which will ask (or advise) your visitors to white list you. White listing means more ads, and more revenue. More revenue keeps you motivated to keep making great content!

If you enjoy Ad Blocking Advisor, please consider a donation! Plugins take a lot of time, energy and coffee. Buying me a coffee would help maintain the plugin and continue making new plugins!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some frequently asked questions which should hopefully help you out! If not, check out the comments, as well as leave a comment with your question and I’ll try to help!

  • How do I change the message, font size, font color or background color on the notification?
    • It’s easy. Just go into the plugin settings. Most of the settings are there for you to customize.
  • Can I add my own custom CSS?
    • Sure can! Just add your CSS changes to your theme’s CSS file, this way it doesn’t get overwritten on plugin upgrades.
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