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November 16, 2015 by Pat - Comments - 2 min read

randomPostI’ve released a new plugin, randomPost. The goal behind randomPost is to keep visitors on your website longer. By having the ability to view random posts, it keeps your visitors engaged and that means they stay on your site longer!

Once you install the randomPost plugin, and select the random URL slug you want to use (for example: http://obrienlabs.net/random – where /random is the URL slug), this URL will redirect your users to a random post of yours! I recommend using the word “random” as your URL slug, but the option exists to use any slug you’d like (perhaps the word random in another language). Once configured, add the new URL with the slug to your menu as a custom link. That alone will invite visitors to stick around.

To add on top of that, I’ve added a configurable hotkey option! If a visitor presses the hotkey you program on their keyboard, it’ll automatically load a random post! randomPost comes configured for R by default, but you can change the hotkey to be any key you’d like. To add a little more fun to your website, put a notice telling visitors to "Press R to read a random post".

Some of the features of randomPost:

  • Easily change the URL for the random post redirect.
  • Easily change the hotkey for the keyboard shortcut to read a random post.
  • Easily enable or disable the hotkey function.
  • Uninstalling the plugin will clean up all data it has stored in the WordPress database.

So download randomPost today and check it out!

If you enjoy randomPost, please consider a donation! Plugins take a lot of time, energy and coffee. Buying me a coffee would help maintain the plugin and continue making new plugins!

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