Are your passwords secure?

by Pat on November 16, 2011

I read an interesting article on password security and thought I’d pass it along. Password security is a big thing these days given the amount of online accounts that are getting comprimised. If you think you have a strong password, you can check it here:

No matter how strong your password may be, if you use the same password for every website then you’re still at risk. All it takes is someone to find out that one password combination, then try it on every website imaginable.

So when I found this tip I thought I’d pass it along. The theory is simple, you come up with a base word.  Then add some special characters to it (like !, #, @, etc), and at the end of that put the name of the site. This gives you a unique password for each site out there. There’s also nothing stopping you from putting the site name at the beginning of your password either. Whatever works for your own personal style. For example if your base word is Password, you could do something like this:

  • ^Pass!word@facebook
  • ^Pass!word@twitter
  • facebook@^Pass!word
  • twitter@^Pass!word

Another thought to this is shifting your fingers up 1 row for your password. For example if your base word is dog, then your password would be e9t. Mix this in with the tip above (e9t!@facebook), and you have a pretty secure, unique and easy to remember password.

Like I said, I didn’t come up with this method, but thought it was interesting enough to pass it along.

And no, that post-it note is not mine!

[Source: Lifehacker via Girls of Grace]

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